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Washing The Sheets

Wash The SheetsWhen should we be trusted to put on a ‘wash’ or use the iron? Well, it is one of the challenges we set for the children in P7 who have chosen to take up the Platinum level of the Award.

I have spoken to a few P7 children recently and it would seem that, although it is something that a few of our 11 year olds have done, for most, it is the first time they have even noticed that there are buttons to press on the washing machine!

There was a real feeling of pride that they managed to:

  • take off their sheets,
  • wash them,
  • dry them,
  • iron the pillow case
  • and put the sheets back on their beds

all by themselves.

They all agree that they find the same part of the process tricky though…putting the duvet back inside the duvet cover.

One boy told me that his mum told him a very useful trick and he plans to use it again next time he washes his sheets (his parents are delighted that he is already planning to do it again!). He is happy to share this trick:

  1. Turn the duvet cover inside out
  2. Reach your hands in to the two top corners
  3. With your hands in the corners, grab two corners of the duvet
  4. Keep holding on as you turn the cover the right way round while pulling the duvet through.

Et voila, it’s done!

Good luck to all you other Platinum challengers.

He hopes this comes in handy.