What people say about the Duke Awards

Dad Michael – Excellent. I think it was the best subject during the entire year. Partly because it is a ‘printed homework’ and not online so was very easy to follow up by parents, partly because most of the tasks help to let kids go out of the box of their routine studies at school and partly because the Duke tasks encourages developing the sense of responsibility in kids.

Mum Amber – A great concept focused on building mini project management and presentation skills.

Mum Bonnie – The challenges provided an opportunity for me to spend more time with my daughter, working together on accomplishing something together. I appreciated this.

Mum Mollie – I felt it was a very positive activity for my daughter to complete. I like that it encouraged her to try new skills and to stick at it to get it complete. It was well organised and straight forward.

Dad Thomas – My child has tried many new things that have challenged him when completing his journal. He often plays sports but the Junior Duke has asked him to explore different ideas and experiences. He enjoyed the small element of choice in some of the tasks, whether that be in the task itself or the way in which he presented his process and outcome. The clear time frame also game him something to aim for and guide the completion of the tasks. Thank you to the teachers for the lovely feedback in his journal too, the personalised messages to him were ver motivating and reflected the time and effort he had put into the activities.

Dad James – It is a fun activity for the child, and our family also bonds together to support the activities. Our son grew from lack of interest, to taking pride to complete every task! We see the growing pride in him as an achievement. He is proud that he has complete ALL of the tasks (more than the basic requirement) to complete the book. He would like to volunteer to share his experiences with others if there is an opportunity.

Dad Liam – We got started late but it was really good. It engages the whole family and others beyond from discussing which challenges to go for, to planning and executing them, and then making sure we get it into the journal.

Dad Rhys – My son enjoyed pushing himself with some fo the activities. A good thing indeed. Looking forward to next year.


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