Am I able to request an invoice as that is what my school requires?
Yes. If you go through the ordering process, there is the option to pay by card, PayPal or Bank Deposit. If you click the Bank deposit option, and see the ordering process through to the end by clicking ‘Pay now’, you shall be emailed an invoice.
There is a PDF leaflet to show you how to order in the Password protected Resources page.

Here’s the video of a webinar which may answer all your questions –


Which level should I start my new pupils on?
Which ever school year group a child joins your school, that is the level they should begin on. Children don’t start on the very first level and work their way onwards unless they are in Primary 1 (Scotland) or Reception (England and Internationally). The booklets are age-appropriate and should generally work like this:
Micro Duke – age around 5, Reception, Primary 1
Silver Mini Duke – age around 6, Year 1, Primary 2
Gold Mini Duke – age around 7, Year 2, Primary 3
Bronze Junior Duke – age around 8, Year 3, Primary 4
Silver Junior Duke – age around 9, Year 4, Primary 5
Gold Junior Duke – age around 10, Year 5, Primary 6
Platinum Junior Duke – age around 11, Year 6, Primary 7
Silver Senior Duke – age around 12, Year 7, Senior 1
Gold Senior Duke – age around 13, Year 8, Senior 2

Do the booklets say which year group they are for? I have Special Educational Needs pupils who may need to do a level that is lower than their age but I wouldn’t want them to know.
No, the booklets do not say anything about which year group they are intended to be for. It is only teachers who will be certain of the intended levels.

How do I access the resources to help run the Award smoothly in my school?
Once you have completed the trademark form (which all schools must do), you will receive an email with confirmation of your signed form as well as an email with the password. In the resources section, you type in the password and click ENTER. (You do NOT scroll all the way down to find the word ‘log in’).

Is there a video to show pupils what the Junior Duke is all about?
Yes. It is in the Resources section of the website. To access that, you need the password. To get the password, you need to fill in the Trademark form which costs nothing and ties you into nothing.

Is there a video to show staff what the Junior Duke is all about?
Yes. It is in the Resources section of the website, which is available to those who have created an account and are logged in.

Is there a booklet for the Senior Duke Award?
No. The Senior Duke is purely done online. A Lead Teacher will be set up with a login and he or she will then be able to set up individual logins for each of the pupils.

Why am I unable to access the Senior Duke portal?
If you are a teacher and have been set up to login but it is no longer working, please email dawn@juniorduke.com as it might be that others will be having the same problem.
If you are a pupil and it’s not working, go and see your teacher to find out what can be done.
If you are a teacher and have never been set up with a login, but are keen to get started, email dawn@juniorduke.com

As a teacher wanting to offer our pupils the opportunity to do the Junior Duke, should I ask other teachers for help or could I do it all myself as well as being a full-time teacher?
The whole Award works brilliantly if all of the staff are behind it. Ask that everyone has a role. That means that everyone’s role is tiny and not in any way onerous. Include Classroom Assistants, the Janitor, office staff, teachers and kitchen staff for assessing challenges.
Ask that the Head Teacher has a final look over the booklets and hands out certificates in weekly assemblies.
That way, all staff will be able to answer all of the children’s questions and you won’t be landed with an unmanageable task!

Is there a time deadline for pupils to complete a level of the Junior Duke?
As there is one booklet per school year, it is best that pupils aim to finish their challenges before the end of the school year. However, if pupils haven’t managed to finish, you can give them more time over the summer holidays to complete their booklet.

Does a child have to finish one level of the Junior Duke before beginning the next?
No. Some children begin the Award with great gusto but things happen in their year and they may never finish their challenges. Some pupils may have a year when they just don’t get a level finished. Equally, we have had pupils finishing one level after being unable to complete it in the previous year whilst working on the next level. We all have some years when we are more productive than others!

Do pupils all HAVE to write their own self-reflection?
No. It is most important that the pupils have the opportunity and feel enthusiasm about these life skills. If writing is difficult for them, or if it’s putting them off the Award, their answers can be scribed. However, in order that a challenge may be assessed, the self-reflection section MUST be completed.