Ordering Junior Duke Materials

Orders have closed in the UK for this term but please get in touch with Dawn if you are interested in offering the Award in your school

For schools with a completed Trademark Agreement, you have a different date in the password protected area.

Thank you for getting to this point in your school. You’re nearly there!

In the table below, please enter the number of children from each year group who have filled in the form and paid their money and we shall ask our printer to get his printing machine whirring!

Once we have received your order, we will email you an invoice. We would urge you to pass this on to your finance department as quickly as possible because we are unable to take any printed goods from the printer without payment.  Thereafter, we will endeavour to get a package to your school as quickly as we can. Due to waiting for printing to be completed and repackaging before posting, this usually takes around two to three weeks. 

If there is any additional information you would like to send us or questions you would like to ask, please type it in the bottom green box: