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A wee reminder of the Junior Duke Award – An award system for 4-13 year olds

The Award is great for:

  • creating independence
  • inclusivity, allowing children of all academic abilities to achieve success
  • helping your school address the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • giving leadership experience for un-promoted members of staff
  • building additional home-school links
  • providing useful extra knowledge of the ‘whole child’ for parents’ nights and report writing
  • creating a community feel within your school
  • rewarding student achievement
  • developing positive challenges and a healthy sense of competition


Let me know by email if you would like to know more or just join one of my Google Meetings (links, dates and times are below) to hear about why and how to run the Junior Duke Award in your school?

Ask the questions you want to ask or just listen to me explaining:

  • where the idea came from
  • how to run the Award
  • how the Award helps children to grow in independence, confidence and resilience
  • what the Inspectors thought
  • how many staff to involve
  • why having an Ambassador is a good thing for your school

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