In a busy world it's too easy to do things for children, but when should they begin to take responsibility for themselves?
Introducing Capable Kids, founders of the Mini Duke and Junior Duke Awards - an award scheme for primary-aged children to encourage and develop valuable life skills.

This Award has been running in schools since 2007 and has helped thousands of children aged 6 to 12 to realise their abilities and, for some, to discover new talents and passions.

I hope that, over the years, thousands more children can achieve new heights and grow in confidence through taking up this Junior Duke challenge.

Dawn Waugh

Primary Teacher 1994 to date

Mini Duke & Junior Duke

Award Schemes

Silver Mini Duke Award Badge
Gold Mini Duke Award Badge
Bronze Junior Duke Award Badge
Silver Junior Duke Award Badge
Gold Junior Duke Award Badge
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Mini Duke

Silver & Gold

P2 - P3
Years 1 - 2

Junior Duke

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

P4 - P7
Years 3 - 6

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Duke Award Ideas!

Children in the Mini and Junior Duke Awards have completed a range of personal challenges including First Aid, learning to swim, cookery, domestic challenges, caring for others, puncture repair, washing the car, climbing a hill whilst carrying your own rucksack, polishing your shoes, making a sandwich, reading The Broons, making a presentation, playing Monopoly or chess and many other fun things!

Meet A Junior Duker

Bronze Award

As part of his Junior Duke Bronze Award, a P4 pupil from Edinburgh interviewed five-time Olympic skier and acclaimed broadcaster Graham Bell - one of the UK's greatest ever Winter Olympians.

Q1. What make of skis did you have?

Q2. How many medals did you win?

Q3. What was your favourite ski resort?

Q4. Who was your favourite teacher at school?

Q5. Did you ever bunk off school to go skiing?

Q6. Would you like to have a race against me at Hillend?

Q7. Which skier inspired you when you were young?

Q8. Next time you're in Edinburgh would you like to come to my school to speak to our pupils?


Taking Part

There is no cost to the school. When a child is interested in taking part, he or she pays a small amount and the school will be sent the age-appropriate booklet, badge and certificate. So what are you waiting for? Email us today!

In a recent QUIPE inspection report, the Junior Duke Award Scheme received a special commendation for 'innovative practice' and was described as 'sector leading'. They suggested that it should be shared amongst other schools.

Having just completed its 13th year, the award scheme has become more and more successful and is being made available to children in every school across Scotland. In its 13th year, 23 schools offered the award to their children and almost 2700 school children are taking part.

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Children participating in 2021-2022!
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